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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the lowest-rated Pokemon games since 2005

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have finally been released to the world and the response isn't quite what gamers have wanted. The latest mainline games are now the lowest-rated games since the release of Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy Advance in 2005. The new games have their own Metacritic pages but the scores are exactly the same. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are currently sitting around 78% but this is subject to change now that the games are finally out in the wild. The review embargo ended one day before release and the game was immediately listed at 78% with critics praising the same elements and listing the same criticisms. While 78% isn't a bad score, this means that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the second lowest-rated games for the mainline series. Reviews praising the open world, the classic gameplay and the content-rich world. However, they do note that the games have shipped with technical problems which are bringing them down.


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