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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Players want refunds but can't get them

The latest mainline Pokémon games released this month to a loud wave of criticism about their buggy launch state. Serious performance issues have been well-documented by reviewers and players alike. So far, Nintendo hasn't released any statements about the launch issues or plans to fix at least some of the bugs.

Gamers have become very vocal about their experience with Nintendo Support and their attempts to get a refund. Various posts have appeared on Reddit about getting a refund for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While some players have been able to get refunds, others are reporting that Nintendo is denying them. At this point, it looks like Nintendo of America is allowing the refunds while the EU support is currently less helpful. One frustrated user posted a screenshot of the response from Nintendo's Europe Support team.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launch bugs have caused players to wonder if the game was even tested before release. The issues include strange graphic glitches and technical issues for all versions of the Nintendo Switch consoles. When Digital Foundry took a look at the game, they noted that the games have “severe problems and should not be sold in this state”. Despite the issues with the games, they were still rated quite well by critics.

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