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PlayStation wants to bring almost Half its games to PC

Speaking at an investor briefing, Sony president Jim Ryan has revealed that the company plans to work on its PC and Mobile game sales. The company reveals they made $80 million from PC game sales in the 2021 financial year and Sony is expecting to make $300 million in PC sales this financial year.

Spotted on the SteamDB, A new entry titled “Oregon” is suspected to be the PlayStation exclusive Returnal. The localization strings reference in-game locations from Returnal and the tags seem to confirm this. It's tagged with “female protagonist”, “bullet hell”, “third person” and “sci-fi” which certainly sounds like Returnal.

It's unknown how Sony is expecting its PC sale revenue to increase this year but Sony will be releasing more of its games on PC. Sony is hoping to bring almost half of its games to PC by the end of 2025. Hopefully, this means we can expect Sony to make some PC release announcements this summer.

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