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Persona 3 Portable How to Max All Social Links for the Female Protagonist

Are you struggling to max out all of your social links in Persona 3 Portable's female protagonist route? Look no further! We've got five tips that will help you reach those coveted rank 10s with ease. With our expert advice, you'll be able to build strong relationships and gain powerful allies in the game's world. So, grab your controller and get ready to level up your social game!

1. Always have a persona with the same arcana as the confidants’ you are actively working on

The First and most obvious tip is to carry a persona which has the same arcana as the confidants’ you are working on. This will not only increase the relationship points gained from accepting hangout events, but also the number of points gained by selecting the correct dialogue options in said hangout events.

While seemingly not increasing the amount by much, this small increase in points can be the difference in whether or not your confidant can increase its rank that day/night or 2 days from then. Making this small feature vital to achieving this goal.

2. Prioritize your confidants effectively

Over the course of the in-game year there will be times where some (if not most!) of your confidants will not be available, specifically during the game’s summer break period. During this period all confidants accessible through the high school will be unable to rank up, due to the school being closed, while those accessible from the town proceed as normal. So it’s best to do the school confidants first and save the town confidants until the summer break.

Another reason to do so is because in order to unlock 2 confidants available in the town (the sun and devil confidants) you have to get to at least rank 3 in the hermit, and chariot social links. While these 2 unlockable confidants are low priority (due to them being only available in the evening and for multiple days of the week) it’s best to get them out of the way as soon as possible.

3. Remember to do the social links that are extra time sensitive

Two of the confidants you encounter in this game have deadlines that are quite easy to miss, these confidants being the moon, and fortune confidants, therefore it’s important to do these whenever the opportunity arises. The moon social link functions similarly to every other confidant up until rank 10 where before you can achieve the final rank you have to find a lost item of the confidant.

You get this by talking to the officer at the police station/weapon shop, and you should be able to give it to him the same night you obtain it. While the moon confidant gives you a little bit leeway before it’s deadline, the fortune confidant is much, much less forgiving, as if you miss one opportunity to hang out with them the social link fails instantly making it imperative to do above all else.

4. remember to use the fortune slips at Naganaki Shrine to get extra relationship points on days without any available confidants

Once you get further along in your playthrough and social links start to get completed you’ll find that there will be days where no confidants are available. Instead of doing a random activity just to pass the time to a day with confidants you should use the fortune slips at the shrine to pass the time. The fortune slips will not only pass the time to advance the game but will also give a fair bit of points towards any confidant of your choosing.

Use this feature to either work on getting confidants closer to the next rank while you work on other social links, or to just speed through a couple of the confidants with more demanding point goals. I personally would recommend using these bonus points on the lover's confidant (Yukari Takeba), and the star confidant (Akihiko Sanada), as I have found these social links to take the longest in my playthroughs.

5. Make sure your final confidants don’t share the same days of the week

The last and most important tip is to make sure your final confidants don’t share the same days as one another. As you near the end of the game you will probably have only a handful social links left to complete, mainly because some social links can only be started fairly late into the game, these being the empress confidant (Mitsuru Kirijo), available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and the aeon confidant (Aigis), normally available every day except Sundays.

Tying back into tip #2 it’s important to carefully choose which confidants to leave for the final month of the game, making sure that their days don’t overlap, while still maintaining time for Aigis. I personally have had a max social link playthrough ruined because two of my last social links were the empress, and hermit confidants, so I speak from experience when I say how vital this last step is.

So those are my top 5 tips for maxing out all of the social links in persona 3 as the female main character, keep in mind that you would most likely be completing all of the social links in NG+ however these are the tips to help you get there.

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