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Paragon is Back!

Epic Games may have cancelled Paragon in 2018 but that was just a minor problem. It's making an official comeback as Paragon: The Overprime with a whole new development team. Announced as Overprime last year, it began life as a simple fan project to bring the game back to life. Shortly after Paragon was cancelled, Epic Games released almost all of the assets for free. The assets have been used in various game projects and multiple fan projects. However, this fan project is no longer just a fan project. Epic Games recently granted developer Netmarble full access to the Paragon assets and the IP including the trademark. This means that Overprime can now be officially linked to the original game. Naturally, it's been renamed to Paragon: The Overprime.

There's no official release date yet but the new Paragon team has been very open about the state of the game. They release regular gameplay videos to the official YouTube channel and have announced the final global test will be taking place on November 10th.


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