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Palworld Breeding Guide

General Breeding Tips: 

  1. Make sure to choose Pals with complementary stats or traits to create a well-rounded offspring.

  2. It's a good idea to breed rare Pals to create more powerful Pals for your base.

  3. You'll need a Breeding Farm, cake, and an incubator to successfully breed Pals. 

  4. If you want to breed a specific Pal, there are specific combinations of parents that will produce the desired offspring.

  5. Breeding Pals can be a bit expensive, so make sure you have enough resources before you start. 

  6. Use the right food: Feed your Pals with Cake to increase their breeding rate and the chances of getting a rare Pal.

  7. Keep track of breeding numbers: Each Pal has a hidden breeding number that determines the outcome of the breeding process. Use a Palworld breeding calculator to help you find the best combinations.

  8. Be patient: Breeding takes time, so be patient and keep trying until you get the desired outcome.

  9. Lucky Pals: Keep an eye out for rare "Lucky” Pals, which are larger and possess unique abilities. Also be listening for what sounds like loot chests from Fortnite and you’ll know you are close to one. 

  10. Fusion Pals: Unlock the Mixing Farm at Level 19 to create new Pals with unique traits through Fusion.

Pal combinations:

  • Blazehowl + Dark Pal = Blazehowl Noct

  • Broncherry + Water Pal = Broncherry Aqua

  • Dinossum + Electric Pal = Dinossum Lux

  • Eikthyrdeer + Ground Pal = Eikthyrdeer Terra

  • Elphidran + Water Pal = Elphidran Aqua

  • Frostallion + Helzephyr = Frostallion Noct

  • Gobfin + Fire Pal = Gobfin Ignis

  • Hangyu + Ice Pal = Hangyu Cryst

  • Incineram + Dark Pal = Incineram Noct

  • Jolthog  + Ice Pal = Jolthog Cryst

  • Jormuntide + Fire Pal = Jormuntide Ignis

  • Kelpsea + Dark Pal = Kelpsea Ignis

  • Kingpaca + Ice Pal = Kingpaca Cryst

  • Leezpunk + Fire Pal = Leezpunk Ignis

  • Lyleen + Dark Pal = Lyleen Noct

  • Mammorest + Ice Pal = Mammorest Cryst

  • Mau + Ice Pal = Mau Cryst

  • Mossanda + Electric Pal = Mossanda Lux

  • Pyrin + Dark Pal = Pyrin Noct

  • Relaxaurus + Electric Pal = Relaxaurus Lux

  • Reptyro + Ice Pal = Reptyro Cryst

  • Robinquill + Ground Pal = Robinquill Terra

  • Surfent + Ground Pal = Surfent Terra

  • Suzaku + Water Pal = Suzaku Aqua

  • Vanwyrm + Ice Pal = Vanwyrm Cryst

  • Wumpo + Grass Pal = Wumpo Botan

Step by step instructions to Breed Pals

  • Get to level 19 and Research the Breeding Farm.

  • Build the Breeding Farm at your base.

  • Build a Cooking Pot (unlocked at level 17).

  • Cook a Cake in the Cooking Pot (this takes a while but can be sped up a little if you have a pal with a high kindling skill like ragnahawk). 

  • When it's done, put the Cake inside the chest that comes attached to the Breeding Farm.

  • Put the two pals you want to breed (they must be opposite genders) into your base's workforce from the Palbox.

  • Lift them and throw them at the Breeding Farm to assign them to it. 

  • If they're compatible, come back in about twenty minutes or so. 

  • There should be a new Egg in the middle of the farm and the Cake is gone.

  • Take the Egg to an Incubator and it should hatch after a certain amount of time, creating a new Pal.

How to Keep a Great Supply of Cakes:

You'll have to kill Beegarde or Cinnamoth for honey. With your first cake, breed a Tanzee and Malpacca for your own Beegarde. Catching them is difficult because of their self-destruct. Assuming you have chickens and cows already, you should be good to keep going afterward.

PalWorld Breeding Calculator 

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