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News Bit: Official Halo Infinite tournament plagued by Xbox Shortages

Attempting to buy an Xbox Series X or S is difficult at the moment and the consoles are pretty expensive as a result. This is due to the global parts shortages which have been hitting all electronic products this year and the global supply line issues. While you'd think Microsoft would have no trouble getting enough Xbox consoles for an event, the Xbox manufacturer is also having difficulties.

The 343 esport lead Tahir Hasandjekic announced on Twitter that some of the players in the tournament would need to use dev kits running in retail mode instead. According to him, the dev kits are “functionally identical” when they're running in retail mode so players will have the “exact same experience” when using them. So while everything will function the same, some players will be using something that looks very different.

Hasandjekic explains that the global supply shortages are the cause of the Xbox Series shortage for the tournament. Even the console manufacturer can't get enough consoles for their own events.

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