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Nintendo and Sony stop Shipments to Russia

Both Nintendo and Sony have joined the growing list of gaming companies stopping business with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine. All game sales and hardware shipments have been suspended indefinitely.

Sony announced on Twitter that they have joined the “global community in calling for peace in Ukraine”. The company has decided to “suspend all software and hardware shipments, the launch of Gran Turismo 7 and operations of the PlayStation Store in Russia”. The company is also donating $2 million USD to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Save The Children to support the victims.

Nintendo was recently forced to suspend all digital sales from the Russian Nintendo eShop due to third-party payment services no longer accepting rubles. The company has now told Rueters that it is suspending shipping physical goods to Russia due to the “considerable volatility surrounding the logistics of shipping and distributing physical goods”. It's also delaying the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp in response to the “recent world events”.

*This article was provided free of charge by Clare Lunawolf to help spread awareness and support for the people of Ukraine.*

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