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News Bits: Nintendo Direct September Speculations are Intensifying

There's been a lot of recent excitement about a new Nintendo Direct that's supposedly coming very soon. Rumours have been wrong in the past but Monolith Soft made a surprising announcement recently that's led to a lot of headscratching.

Monolith Soft is the developer behind the Xenoblade Chronicles series and there's also been a lot of rumours about a new gaming finishing production. The studio has announced that their website will be going down for server maintenance on September 8th. Which is a very unusual announcement for the company to make. They've never done this before with previous website maintenance. This has led to speculation that the website is coming down so they add information for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

If Monolith Soft are planning to take the website down so they can update it with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 information then we can expect a Nintendo Direct to be coming very soon.

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