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News Bits: Halo Dev explains that CG trailers are often not made for consumers

Gaming events always include hype-building and flashy trailers since one of their biggest goals is to sell these games to consumers. However, there's another reason why short CG trailers exist and the main reason why gaming companies release these first. CG trailers usually get a lot of complaints from gamers but they aren't usually made for consumers.

Halo developer David Ellis has let us in one a bit of a secret. He revealed on Twitter that early game announcements and CG trailers are often used to help recruit staff. Short CG trailers such as the Wolverine trailer from the PlayStation Showcase event are not usually for promoting the game. In the past, Microsoft also announced Halo Infinite with what was more like an engine demo than a game trailer.

This is surprisingly common for big games when they're first announced, especially when there's a few years of development left. All the 'pointless' trailers we see for games getting announced “too early” have a very good reason for them existing. It's to attract more staff to join the project and not just for consumers.

The first trailer for Halo Infinite.

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