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News Bit: Valve is already thinking about the Steam Deck 2

The Steam Deck isn't officially released yet but those in the first reservation group have been receiving the final confirmation message since Friday 25th for the device. Eager gamers need to finish their purchase through that official email from Valve within 72 hours of receiving it. Not doing so will mean the console gets passed down to the next person in line instead.

Valve has stated they are already looking forwards to the next version of the device. The latest issue of Edge Magazine includes an interview with Gabe Newell who confirms that the Steam Deck 2 is already being thought about. He explains that the team was surprised that the most expensive version ($649.99) was also the most popular device. Due to this, the team wants to make a more powerful console in the future which will be more expensive.

Newell also added that Valve is excited to see what other companies do with the software created to power the Steam Deck and its portable PC gaming experience. However, they are also considering how it could be implemented for VR in the future.

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