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News Bit: Unity is merging with a company that made a Malware Installer

The Unity game development engine is popular amongst developers with games Subnautica, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and the recent Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. The company that owns the engine is also called Unity and it's now announced it will be merging with ironSource.

IronSource may offer a “suite of tools and solutions” for application developers but the company is also known for an unfortunately common problem online. The is the company that developers InstallCore which is used to bundle software installations together. Usually with unwanted malware.

Most PC users have had the unfortunate experience of downloading a popular program from a third-party website only to be offered a range of other 'services'. Most of the 'extra services' offered would have generic names such as 'DriverInstaller' or 'DiskCleaner'. This is the InstallCore platform at work which is usually listed as a “potentially unwanted application” by anti-malware products such as Windows Defender.

It's unknown what the merger agreement between Unity and ironSource means for game developers and gamers. However, it's already proving to be a very unpopular decision online.

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