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News Bit: Ubisoft responds to the NFT backlash

The reveal of Ubisoft Quartz in December didn't go according to the companies plan since gamers were very unhappy with this. Ubisoft has responded to these complaints and concerns and explained they did anticipate a negative reaction due to the misunderstanding of NFTs.

In an interview with Finder, Ubisoft Strategic Innovations Lab VP Nicolas Pouard. He stated the team was frustrated with the negative reaction but appreciates gamers being passionate. According to Pouard, Quartz was the “first step that should lead to something bigger” and that the negativity hasn't changed anything.

Pouard then explained a bit more about what Ubisoft Quartz would allow. He added that players “don't get it for now” but it's actually for the players benefit.

Naturally, gamers haven't liked the response from Ubisoft. Many have called the response from Ubisoft “condescending” and have compared the system to the Steam Marketplace.

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