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News Bit: Twitch has a “Do Not Ban” list of Top Streamers

The massive Twitch data leak from earlier this month has revealed a variety of interesting information and now it's been discovered that Twitch has a list of protected streamers. While it was suspected, this confirms that Twitch really does have a “no ban list” of notable streamers. According to this list, these streamers should not be banned or suspended for violating the rules.

The Washington Post took a closer look at the list and has published a report about it. This is not a blanket exception from the rules, it seems to be a pre-moderation system aimed at keeping high-profile streamers from being banned due to minor violations or misunderstandings. Complaints about streamers were elevated to specific moderators instead of being immediately acted on.

According to a Twitch spokesperson, the list is old and no longer in use. The moderation system it was built around no longer exists and Twitch has moved to standardized moderation for all streamers instead.

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