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News Bit: Total War: Rise of Mordor mod gets copyright striked

There's been an interesting DCMA takedown request on a mod for the Total War: Attila game which released in 2015. Warner Bros has demanded the Total War: Rise of Mordor mod be taken down and the creators have already responded. The mod is no longer available online.

Rise of Mordor was not a commercial product and the DCMA takedown order is even more interesting since other Lord of the Rings mods haven't been hit like this. It's unusual that Warner Bros decided to target this specific mod and there's no reason for this yet. This has led to speculation that Warner Bros is working on a Total War game for Lord of the Rings.

The team behind the Total War: Rise of Mordor mod are still looking for other ways to share their mod. The DCMA takedown notice was only for the ModDB page so there has been no request for them to halt the mod.

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