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News Bit: Tony Hawk is building a digital skate park for a new NFT project

Tony Hawk has announced he plans to build “the biggest skate park in the metaverse” and it will be called: Tony Hawk Land. The skate park is being constructed in The Sandbox, a virtual world focused on letting people create content with the ability to monetize it through the blockchain. Hawk will also be working in partnership with the NFT platform Autograph.

Autograph will be creating Tony Hawk avatar NFTs based on Tony Hawk and his iconic equipment including skateboards and apparel. The Sandbox will be turning the high-fidelity avatars from Autographi into 3D voxel versions that will have in-game functionality. This will supposedly add “utility and value for their owners”.

Hawk also recently stated that the remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was cancelled after Activision Blizzard opted to merge developer Vicarious Visions with Blizzard Entertainment. It looks as though a newTony Hawk Pro Skater game won't be happening for quite some time. This Tony Hawk Land may be the closest we get.

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Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
03 de nov. de 2023


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