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News Bit: The Quarry announced by Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games

The creators of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology have announced a new horror game. The Quarry has been announced by Supermassive Games, and the full announcement trailer is now available.

The Quarry is a brand new IP, not the fourth and final entry in season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology. It's a story-driven horror experience that, like previous games from the developer, will switch between characters at key points. Players, like in any other game, have the ability to shape how the storey unfolds through their choices, actions, successes, and failures. There are nine playable characters in the game, and any of them can die at any time.

It's unclear what the story will be but The Quarry but it's clearly inspired by multiple popular horror movies. The game will take 7 – 10 hours to complete depending on how many characters survive.

The Quarry will release June 10th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and also PC.

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