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News Bit: The PlayStation 4 isn't going to be Phased Out anytime Soon

The most recent Sony financial call reveals that the company has no plans to phase out the PS4 anytime soon. Sony has told investors that first-party games will stop being released on the PlayStation 4 in 2025. It's clear Sony is looking to phase out the console but this won't be happening for a few years.

Sony's latest financial report reveals that 65% of the PlayStation Store revenue comes from the PS4 and 69% of PlayStation Plus subscribers are on the PS4. The PlayStation 4 is still earning Sony a lot of money so it looks like the company is pushing back any plans to phase the older console out. This means new first-party games will still be released for the older console alongside the PlayStation 5 which has been notably difficult to find in some regions.

While Sony is still looking to include the PS4 in new releases, some third-party developers have already begun phasing it out. Support for the PlayStation 4 is expected to continue for several years still.

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