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News Bit: Stray has been rated in for release in Korea

The sci-fi feline adventure game Stray has been rated for release in South Korea suggesting a release date might be announced soon. The game classification listing for Stray is now available from the official Korean rating board.

The rating lists Stay as “for 12-year-olds” and includes some of the reasoning for this. It mentions there is “expression of minor violence” in addition to “expression of mild drugs” in the game. Stray includes battles against non-humanoid creatures and alcohol in bars.

Stray is expected to release in 2022 and publisher Annapurna Interactive did re-confirm this on Twitter last month. The last major update about the cyberpunk adventure game with a cat protagonist came last year with some gameplay footage. Hopefully, now that it's received its first official game rating, we can expect more news about this interesting adventure game.

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