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News Bit: Steam has broken another record for most concurrent users

Steam has been consistently breaking the record for the past few years and barely a week into 2022, another record has been broken. In November 2021, Steam hit a new all-time high of active users of over 27 million people at once. According to the Steam DB website, this record has once again been broken.

SteamDB reveals that the new all-time high of concurrent users on Steam is over 28 million. The new record is 28.2 million users as of January 9th. Recently Steam also saw 8.2 million users being in-game at once. When this Steam record was set, the most played game was CSGO with 867,000 players online at once. This was followed by Dota 3, PUBG, Apex Legends and GTAV.

This record was set on January 2nd at 10 am ET during the Steam Winter sale which probably contributed to a large number of players in-game.

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