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News Bit: Square Enix is selling a Final Fantasy figure that you might lose later

Square Enix has announced its latest Final Fantasy figure will be released with a special “Digital Plus Edition”. The Square Enix Store exclusive version comes with a ticket to “redeen a digital certificate of authenticity and a digital version of the figure” that buyers can view on PC or smartphone. In other words, the Digital Plus Edition physical figure will come with an NFT.

The product description confirms that the “digital certificate of authenticity and digital version of the figure are managed by the blockchain technology known as NFTs”. However, the pre-order page for the Digital Plus Edition comes with a long “Caution before Purchasing” section.

According to the store page, Square Enix seems to have decided to not allow the NFTs to be sold or transferred to other accounts. It also explains that the NFTs might become useless if Enjin deactivates its services in the future. So the NFTs cannot be transferred to other platforms at launch and there's no guarantee they won't be taken away later.

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