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News Bit: Spider-Man once had a Multiplayer Mode

Sony released Marvel's Spider-Man to PC last week and players have already been searching through the game files for hidden content. Recently, a modder posted an interesting discovery to Twitter.

It seems to confirm that Spider-Man once had a multiplayer mode or that the developers were at least planning to build one. There's not much information about what it would have been but the files mention a few things.

It looks like there would have been the option for a second player to control Miles Morales with a unique loadout. The multiplayer would have included a PvP mode and a PvE mode which is listed as “Free For All”. From the files, we can also see callouts about players becoming “the Superior Spider-Man” along with mentions of a red and blue team.

Spider-Man was never released with a multiplayer but it's still possible the upcoming Spider-Man 2 may feature it. The next game will include both Peter Parker and Miles Morales so it does seem more likely for the upcoming title.

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