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News Bit: Sony is reported to be announcing new Hardware this month

A new report from trusted industry insider Tom Henderson, has been released claiming that Sony has some new hardware to announce. He's published the report on Try Hard Guides which claims that Sony will unveil new hardware at the end of this month. However, it will not be a new console.

Henderson explains that Sony has been working on a new controller for the PS5 console. He describes it as being a “genuine professional controller” which features removable analogue sticks and grips, trigger stops and back paddles. The new controller will have the flappy paddles and buttons that have been popular with third-party controller manufacturers. According to Henderson's sources, the controller has been called a “PS5 Pro Controller” and will come with “significant software upgrades”.

While this is the only piece of hardware his sources openly talked about, they did mention that Sony will be revealing “several new bits of hardware at the end of this month”. It's not clear if this new PS5 controller will be included in the next PlayStation State of Play showcase.

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