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News Bit: Skull & Bones has been rated in South Korea

Skull & Bones has finally been rated for release indicating that Ubisoft's game will finally be releasing. The game has been in development for almost 10 years now and it's had a very rough development process.

Ubisoft previously announced that Skull & Bones was ready for beta testing by players. An overview trailer was also leaked last month showing what seemed to be a complete game. There's not been much official news from Ubisoft but the game has now been officially rated in Korea.

As listed by VGC, the South Korean rating board has graded the game as “youth not allowed” which isn't a surprise. It received this rating due to the game containing “direct drug expression” and “scenes of drinking, staggering, or smoking”. Considering Skull & Bones is about pirates, the reasons for the rating isn't surprising.

There's still no new release date for Skull & Bones yet but it seems like we can expect to learn more from Ubisoft later this year.

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