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News Bit: Rainbow Six Extraction coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming PvE shooter game Rainbow Six Extraction will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass. The game is an expanded version of a timed game mode in Rainbow Six Siege which players fell in love with. Ubisoft has done a lot of work to expand the initial mode into a fully-fledged game.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one of the release which is good news for subscribers interested in the game. Ubisoft has confirmed that both the Xbox console and PC version of the Xbox Game Pass will be getting the game from day one of release.

It's also been revealed that the Ubisoft+ subscription service will be coming to Xbox soon. Buying a subscription will allow players to access a huge number of Ubisoft games to play without needing to purchase each one.

They have confirmed that Ubisoft + isn't being added to Game Pass, in the way EA Play has been.

Though they did suggest keeping an eye out for updates when asked. So there is potential it might someday. If so, it would likely add as an additional priced tier.

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