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News Bit: Project Jawbreaker was a real Leaked Tomb Raider Script

It's been revealed that the supposed leak from Sacred Symbols was a real game. While the internet might have otherwise dismissed it as fake, the podcast episode featuring the script was hit by a DCMA takedown request. The request has come from Crystal Dynamics after one of the Sacred Symbols hosts read an allegedly leaked script during the show.

Square Enix is still currently in possession of Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider IP while the deal is approved by various regulatory bodies. This means that Square Enix is the company that issued the DCMA via Crystal Dynamics, not Embracer. Show host Colin Moriarty has explained that Patreon asked him to remove the content or risk being suspended.

Posting a video to YouTube, Moriaty explains that Square Enix issued the DCMA takedown request to Patreon. However, he argues that he released the script under Fair Use which is protected from DCMA. Sacred Symbols doesn't intend to take down the episode and the script reading is now available across multiple other platforms including YouTube.

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