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News Bit: Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a spooky found-footage trailer

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be releasing in January and it's a rather unusual Pokemon game so of course it gets a rather unusual trailer to match. The Pokemon Company has created a found footage trailer for the upcoming game with a rather mysterious and spooky theme. This is the kind of trailer you'd expect to see for a horror game, not a Pokemon game.

The mysterious trailer is only two minutes long and doesn't reveal too much though it is pretty attention-grabbing. It's a first-person found footage clip that The Pokemon Company claims was found in the Canalave Library of the Hisui region by a researcher. The trailer shows someone who found a wild Pokemon that was “cute” and was compared to both Growlithe and Vulpix. The person was attacked at the end.

It's hard to see anything in the potato quality footage which fits the classic horror stereotype of the found footage genre. The Pokemon Company also posted to Twitter asking fans to examine the footage and report their findings.

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