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News Bit: Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a secret first-person exploration mode

Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released on January 28th, and it is now available to everyone. While it was leaked over a week in advance, it appears that players who got their hands on it early did not uncover all of the secrets. TAHK0, a Twitter user, has made a brand new revelation about the game and posted it online.

TAHK0 discovered that it's possible to zoom the camera into a first-person perspective making it possible for him to see Hisui in a completely different light. Doing this allows players to explore the new frontier by walking around in first-person. However, catching Pokemon in first-person or doing anything else with the camera zoomed in like this is not possible.

To see Hisui in first person, hold down the left trigger button to zoom in. The zoom or focus button appears to have several functions. However, it is unknown whether The Pokemon Company intended for the game to be played in first person.

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