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News Bit: PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles are not NFTs

Sony recently announced its latest initiative, PlayStation Stars, which rewards regular players. It's a free reward and loyalty program for PlayStation gamers which will be launching later this year. So far, Sony has revealed there will be tasks called “campaigns”, amongst other ways to earn loyalty points which can be spent on all kinds of rewards.

While players can redeem the points for PlayStation Network wallet funds, they can also be used to purchase games or DLC and to get digital collectables. Most of the rewards revealed by Sony so far suggest the loyalty points can be traded in for items worth real money which has fans worried about what the “digital collectables” are.

Sony has told The Washington Post that the digital collectables are not NFTs since they don't use any blockchain technologies. Sony also states they cannot be traded to other accounts but The Washington Post did re-confirm there will be “ultra rare” digital collectables.

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