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News Bit: PC Gaming Show confirmed for 2022

While E3 2022 has been officially cancelled, there are still plenty of game announcements expected for the summer. Publishers and event holders are expected to start revealing their own plans for this year in replacement of E3. PC Gamer has already announced its own plans for 2022.

The PC Gaming Show will be returning this summer. It began in 2015 at E3 but with E3 not taking place this year, the company is opting to hold an event regardless. Making the announcement on their official website, PC Gamer explains that they expect June to be the “biggest month of the year for major gaming showcases”. The PC Gaming Show will be part of the June line-up.

This year the PC Gaming Show will be held on June 12th, just like every year since 2015. It will feature announcements from across the world of PC Gaming including new gameplay footage and game reveals.

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