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News Bit: No new Starfield Footage at Gamescom afterall

It looks like Bethesda accidentally announced there would be new footage at this year's Gamescom but this won't be the case. Bethesda has quickly corrected the original announcement. There will be some Starfield footage at Gamescom 2022 but, it won't be anything new.

An excited fan posted a screenshot of the original Gamescom announcement to the Starfield Reddit. It originally read “Come see Redfall and Starfield gameplay” but TechRader noticed it was later changed to “Come see a replay of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase game presentations for Redfall and Starfield”.

Looking at the official page from Bethesda, it's now been updated again to remove all mention of Starfield from the Community Get Together. Starfield has been confirmed to be coming to the event and there will even be a life-size version of the large companion robot VASCO. However, it looks like we shouldn't expect to see any new Starfield gameplay at Gamescom 2022.

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