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News Bit: Next Splinter Cell game is reported to be Open World

Tom Henderson is a known leaker who has released various true details about unreleased games over the years. This include various details about Battlefield 2042 ahead of the official announcement and now, he has some details about the next Splinter Cell game. A new game has been rumoured to be in production since October but there was no information about it.

Henderson revealed on Twitter that the next Splinter Cell game is some kind of open world game. The game is still in early development and is being designed to be similar to the open world of Halo Infinite and also be a “more stealthy version of Assassin's Creed”.

Splinter Cell is still in early development which means we're unlikely to hear anything official about it for quite some time still. It's possible the new game won't be mentioned at E3 2022 or during any other Ubisoft events next year.

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