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News Bit: New Splinter Cell is reported to be in production

According to a notable leaker, Ubisoft has started work on the first mainline Splinter Cells game in almost a decade. The next title is in early production and it could be revealed by Ubisoft as early as 2022. This has not been officially confirmed of course.

Notable leaker Tom Henderson at Video Game Chronicle posted a new article with the claim that a source at Ubisoft provided him with the information. His source is claiming that Ubisoft is reviving the series now “as a means of winning back fans” who were unhappy about the mobile and VR Splinter Cell games that were announced.

The source doesn't know what Ubisoft studio is working on the new Splinter Cell game though it's suggested the game might be worked outside of the Montreal base. There's also a small chance it might be announced next year.

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