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News Bit: New screenshots for The Outlast Trials have dropped

Developer Red Barrels has posted some new images from the next game set in the terrifying world of Outlast. Posting the images to Twitter, Red Barrels has shared two images from the new game.

The first image is from the insides of a rundown chapel with a crucified person on a cross and a corpse on the altar. There are other corpses in the room with plenty of blood splatter but there also seems to be people in the room look at the altar who may be praying.

Meanwhile, the second image reveals a run-down hallway with tracks on the floor. One scary person with an axe can be seen while another person with glowing eyes lurks in the darkness behind a closed metal-grated door. This could be inspired by the original Outlast game which was set in an asylum.

Sadly, there's no big news for The Outlast Trials yet but a 2022 release is expected. Hopefully, more news will be coming soon.

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