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News Bit: New Hideo Kojima horror game has been Leaked

Known leaker Tom Henderson has revealed that Kojima Productions is working on a new horror game called Overdose. His report states that he has seen footage of the upcoming game and that it might also star Margaret Qualley of Death Stranding. However, this is a brand new IP and separate to any existing game from Kojima.

Henderson explains that the footage was sent to him anonymously and doesn't seem to be Death Stranding 2. The footage shows a “character walking through dark corridors with a flashlight in third-person” however it's also implied there will be the option for first-person too. It has a jump scare at the end with a “Game Over” screen that's followed up by “A Hideo Kojima Game” and then its title, “Overdose”.

While it's not officially announced, the Overdoes leak does seem to be legitimate. Kojima Productions reached out to Henderson and the website the report was posted to, Try Hard Guides, and asked them to remove it from the website.

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