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News Bit: Naughty Dog is working on multiple New Games

Naughty Dog studio co-head Neil Druckmann took to the stage during Sony's CES 2022 presentation to comment on a few things. Druckmann shared that the studio is working on “multiple game projects” at the moment. This isn't too surprising, however, as Druckmann has made various comments about this in the past.

Ahead of the release of The Last of Us Part 2, Druckmann did state that the story outline for a potential third game has been written. He revealed this on the Script Apart podcast but also noted that the story outline might also be used for a new IP.

Druckmann didn't reveal much about the new games being worked on by Naughty Dog but we do know one of the games is The Last of Us Factions. A potential next game in the series may also be in the works but a remake of the 2013 The Last of Us is also known to be coming out this year.

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