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News Bit: Modern Warfare II retailing at over 500% recommended price for some

A Reddit user has posted an image on the Steam subreddit revealing the price difference between different countries for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. From the image, we can see the current price, converted price in comparison with USD and also the Valve suggested price. The most shocking revelation is that some countries would be paying more than double the Valve recommended price.

One of the worst offenders on the list seems to be Turkey which prices it at 699,00 Turkish Lira (TL) at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Valve recommended pricing it at 109,00 TL instead. According to Salary Explorer, the average yearly salary ranges between 23,760 – 420,00 TL.

However, the Argentine Peso price was recommended to be ARS$ 759,99 but it's actually priced at ARS$ 6990,00 instead which is over 800% higher making it the worst offender. Other regions such as Kazakhstan, Brazil, India, Colombia and Thailand are also paying 100% over the recommended price.

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