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News Bit: Microsoft reveals its Gamescom Lineup

Microsoft has revealed what it's bringing to Gamescom later this month and it's quite a list. A more detailed schedule will be released closer to the event but for now, we've been given a good list of what to expect.

The Xbox Booth at Gamescom will have a livestream starting at 8am ET on August 25th which will end at around 2pm ET. It won't just be in English however, there will be multiple streams running at the same time in different languages including German, Spanish, Chinese and more. Microsoft has also confirmed there will be ASL, BSL and DGS interpretation options along with English Audio Description.

Here's everything confirmed for the Xbox Gamescom show:

• Microsoft Flight Simulator

• Gunfire Reborn

• Sea of Thieves

• Lies of P

• High on Life

• Grounded

• Pentiment

• A Plague Tale: Requiem

• Minecraft Legends

• Planet of Lana

• Age of Empires 4

Microsoft will be holding its show on August 25th, a few days after Gamescom begins. A more detailed schedule for their event should be released within the next week.

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