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News Bit: Insomniac Games is Hiring Multiplayer Programmers

The developer of Marvel's Spider-Man, Insomniac Games, is currently looking for gameplay programmers with experience in multiplayer games. This comes just a few weeks after apparent plans for a multiplayer mode in the single-player 2018 Spider-Man game were revealed.

With the release of Marvel's Spider-Man on PC, data miners began to examine the game files and made a few discoveries. According to the files, there were plans for the 2018 game to include a competitive multiplayer mode in which players competed to become the best Spider-Man. Miles Morales was also mentioned in the code, but a multiplayer mode was never added.

Spider-Man 2 is still in development and it's been confirmed to feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In addition to this, Insomniac Games has just listed two new jobs specific to multiplayer gameplay. One of the listings mention “AI” for multiplayer games while the second is for a Lead Gameplay Programmer which mentions multiplayer gameplay.

Insomniac Games is clearly working on multiplayer for something but it's not clear yet if this is for Spider-Man 2.

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