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News Bit: Humble Bundle pulls all sales from Russia and Belarus

Humble Bundle has announced on Twitter that they have suspended all game sales in Russia and Belarus. The company has joined the list of different digital retailers that are no longer doing business with Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. As Belarus is now supporting Russia and invading Ukraine, Humble Bundle is including this country in this suspension.

The statement from the company reads “we condemn the violent and unlawful invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it is causing”. It explains that Humble Bundle is suspending all sales of “Humble products and Humble Game titles” in both Russia and Ukraine. This applies to games from the Humble Store and also the Humble Bundles.

Humble Bundle is currently working on a charity bundle to support the victims and refugees from Ukraine. News on this will be coming very soon and it's confirmed that 100% of the money will be going to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

*This article was provided free of charge by Clare Lunawolf to help spread awareness and support for the people of Ukraine.*

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