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News Bit: Hitman 3 is getting a Year 2 of Content

IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 3 will be getting a second year of content updates and active support. The developer made the announcement on their official blog and revealed some of their plans for the coming year.

It's been confirmed that new maps, storylines and modes are coming to Hitman 3 throughout 2022 and that a major content update is being planned for the Spring. According to IO Interactive, the next major update will include a lot of new additions and changes to the game. Hitman 3 will also be getting PC VR support next year in January and ray tracing will also be coming for PC gamers too.

Developer IO Interactive hasn't explained everything in detail yet and will be announcing more information as the release dates for new updates comes closer. While some of the plans have been roughly outlined, the developer will be releasing more news next year.

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