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News Bit: Hearthstone streamer Alliestrasza gets swatted in the middle of a stream

Alexandra 'Alliestrasza' Macpherson is one of the more prominent female streamers from the Hearthstone community and her home was recently the subject of a police raid. The raid took place around one hour into her stream and it seems as though someone decided to make a fake report which resulted in her being swatted.

The stream stayed up during the swat raid while the armed officers sweeped the house. Macpherson closed the stream around 25 minutes after the police raid began and confirmed she had just been swatted due to a 'prank' emergency call.

Explaining what happened on Twitter, Macpherson re-confirms she was swatted due to a false report claiming a woman shot had shot her husband and locked herself in the bathroom while threatening to shoot others. While the situation was obviously stressful, “it didn't take long” for her to realise she was being swatted.

Swatting is an awful thing and a recurring problem in the US with Twitch streamers being targets for fake reports. Police raids due to serious allegations can hurt or kill people which is what happened in 2017 when a Call of Duty player was targeting. Thankfully, Macpherson and her family are unharmed from the raid.

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