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News Bit: Halo TV show March 24th

The upcoming and hopefully good (please be good, please!) Halo live-action TV series has been announced to release on March 24th.

Unfortunately, this is to Paramount +, which if you're in Europe, there is no easy way to access.

It has been suggested that a deal with Sky means it may be available to those subscribing to Sky TV packages.

Otherwise it might be down to VPNs to finish the fight.

Already the show has caused some controversy in its depiction of Master Chief's AI companion Cortana. Giving her too human a look, rather than looking like the blue / purple light projection she is.

Some speculate this might just be not representative of the final product and released as a way to get people discussing the show. And will deliver an AI more in line with every other depiction we've had from the game series.

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