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News Bit: Guild Wars 2 is finally on Steam

After originally being released in 2012, Guild Wars 2 is recognised as one of the best high fantasy MMORPGs around. It's considered to be one of the more rewarding MMOs currently available so it's easy to see why millions of people have played it.

Guild Wars 2 was made free-to-play in 2015 however, the additional expansions still need to be purchased to access that content. Despite this, over 16 million accounts have been created for Guild Wars 2 before it even released on Steam. Guild Wars 2 has never required an active subscription to play the game or included any pay-to-win monetization features.

As the developers explain on their official blog, the Steam launch has come as part of the tenth-anniversary celebrations. The team reaffirms their commitment to the game and “honouring” the community.

Steam users will be able to play Guild Wars 2 for free from August 23th at 12pm PT, the release time is the same for everyone. As expected, the base game will be free including the original end game content it features. The expansion passes will need to be purchased as DLC from the Steam Store page.

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