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News Bit: GTA 6 Leak from Inside Gaming in 2018 was Correct

The recent Bloomberg report from Jason Schreier has revealed that the next GTA game will have a female protagonist for the first time. According to his sources, the woman will be Latina and there will be a second protagonist with the pair being influenced by Bonnie and Clyde. However, other interesting news has come from the report.

GTA 6 is code-named Project Americas since it was going to include parts of North and South America. However, these plans have changed and it will focus on a fictionalised Miami instead. The report claims that Rockstar plans to add new cities over time. This seems to confirm an early leak about the game from 2018.

Insider Gaming released a video several years ago which claimed GTA 6 was being called Project Americas internally. They reported that it would be possible to travel to different regions outside of the USA including South America. It wasn't given much notice at the time but it now seems like their original claims were correct.

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