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News Bit: Gotham Knights release window leaked by a promo image

The Gotham Knights release window may have been leaked by a developer who worked on the game thanks to a promo image. Naturally, the page containing the image and information has now been removed from the website it was leaked on. Of course, gamers have quickly saved the images and begun reuploading them online.

The leak comes from Jin Park's website who did the overall branding for the game and led the campaign art direction for Gotham Knights too. The website had various concept art images for the game on display including one that stated “2022 Spring”. This would give Gotham Knights a March, April or May release date next year.

Gotham Knights was delayed in Match 2021 and was pushed back to a 2022 release instead. There has been no other news since about the new release date for the game. Hopefully, Warner Bros will confirm the release period soon.

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