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News Bit: FF7 Remake free PS5 upgrade

Back in the Summer PS+ gave Final Fantasy 7 Remake away as part of the subscription. A great game to get for what feels like free.

However, it did earn the ire of some by only being the PS4 version. Meaning to play it at full quality on your PS5 you would still need to pay the £70 retail price. Where people might have felt the £500 spent on a new piece of hardware should have been enough to merit getting the quality upgraded game.

This is where competition is good.

Six months later they are offering this upgrade for free, which is a little late for anyone who did spend big on getting their new-gen version. But at least it happened.

Microsoft offers new-gen updates to the majority of titles as part of their 'Smart Delivery' system, and of course, on PC it's always been a case of upgrading your hardware gives you a better 'version' of a game.

So while many fans of Sony jumped to the defence of their chosen corporation's practises. It's good to see that the majority of gamers spotted the greener grass practises of the other guys and asked for more.

Hopefully, in time the controversy of paid PS5 upgrades will be lost to memory, and investing in the latest system will entitle you to play with the features of that system at no extra cost.

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