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News Bit: Embracer sees “great potential” in remakes for its latest acquisition

Embracer recently purchased a range of rights from Square Enix earlier this month and is now the IP owner of big franchises including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Legacy of Kain. In its latest financial report, Embracer Group reveals it sees "great potential" in the newly acquired IPs.

Embracer states that they see potential "not only in sequels" but also in "remakes, remasters, spinoffs, as well as transmedia projects across the Group". This is very good news for IPs that have been largely mistreated or ignored by Square Enix, such as Legacy of Kain. However, we won't be hearing anything about any remakes or remasters for quite some time.

The transaction between Embracer and Square Enix is expected to close sometime between July and September. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more news from Embracer about remakes and remasters for classic titles.

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