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News Bit: Elon Musk wants to bring Steam games to Telsa Cars

Elon Musk has quietly revealed that he wants to bring Steam games to the recently updated Tesla car screen. The comment was in response to a question from a reporter from IGN after Musk responded to a post from the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account.

Musk states that his team is “working through the general case of making Steam games work on a Tesla vs specific titles”. He also adds that the first option is where they “should be long-term”. This was in response to IGN's Ryan McCaffrey asking him when we'd see Cyberpunk 2077 coming to the Tesla car screens. Musk confirmed that there are early plans to bring the Steam platform to Tesla cars.

Based on the tweet, it's impossible to tell how far along the Steam initiative is for Tesla. The hardware in the Tesla is roughly on the same level as the PS5 and Xbox Series X so bringing games to Tesla cars wouldn't be impossible.

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