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News Bit: Elden Ring has been delayed again... and leaked again

From Software has announced that Elden Ring is once again, delayed. Posting the important message to Twitter, the developer revealed that the game has been delayed for five weeks. From Software also confirmed that the Closed Network Test will still be going ahead next month.

The new release date for Elden Ring in February 25th 2022. Shortly before the announcement, some new footage of the game was leaked online. The original YouTube video has been taken down but there are various reuploads on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter. The leaked gameplay footage is apparently from Xbox One. It's suspected that it's been captured with low-quality capture hardware.

Some eagle-eyed fans have figured out the in-game location of the footage on Reddit and fans are still going through the small clip. Others have been noticing the small details in the game according to the 27 seconds of leaked gameplay,

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